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Recent work
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Before remodeling your kitchen have a licensed plumber assess your plumbing needs!

Many times I have been called buy a customer who has had a new kitchen installed, and was not told and did not know they needed a plumber, (said they did in the fine print that no one reads) or the cabinet people had their own "Plumber" unlicensed uninsured and unprofessional.

  If you are not putting back the exact same kitchen your plumbing system may need modified. Paying the service call for a plumber to come by and give his professional opinion before the new cabinets go in will more than likely save you time and money!

 Here is some of the things your "Professional Plumber" can tell you.

 1. Are the waist lines going to work with your new sink set up?
 2. Are the water lines where they need to be, and are the water shut offs functional?
 3. If your Dish washer is not right next to the sink the lines may need pre run.

 The service call could save you big in the long run.

                                          Kitchen remodel completed 2-7-11

If your project is in Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas or Citrus County, first call H2O Plumbing Solutions state lic# CFC1427731, for the rest of your remodel call Tim Thelen Top to Bottom Construction state lic#CRC1329392. Spring Hill, Hudson, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Trinity, Holiday, Fl.


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