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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before you change your outside spigot (Hose bib, Boiler drain or whatever you would like to call it;)

This is one of the most common types of spigots in our area of Florida; there are many differing types of the same style. This type even though you see threads maybe soldered on and if you try to remove it you will probably damage the water piping behind the wall which will cost much more to repair. Believe it or not we get this call a couple of times a month.

Even if it is threaded into a female fitting unthreading could damage your water piping if the female fitting is not stabilized with a wrench.

This is what it may look like if it is threaded into a female fitting.

If you are unsure call a PLUMBER the difference between fixing a spigot or getting into the wall to repair the pipe and spigot is less than half in most cases;)

Here is another variation called a silcock and in my opinion should only be replaced by a PLUMBER, this spigot has a female thread and is threaded onto a male adapter inside the wall and then screwed to the outside wall. Again if you call a Plumber it may cost more upfront but it could save a lot of time money and aggravation in the long run;)

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