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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The dangers of using unlicensed Contractors.

First let me say that I am not opposed to anyone trying to make a living. However would you go to a Doctor or a Lawyer that held no license? How about eat at restaurant who has never held a license or had a board of health inspection?

Well here is a good reason to hire only licensed Plumbers! Watch what can happen with an improperly installed or maintained hot water heater turns into a bomb. Click link below.

 This hot water heater failed because the thermostat was disabled and the elements just kept cooking. Also they sealed up the temperature pressure relief valve which is meant to blow off if the temperature or pressure get to high. Generally a TPR valve has Preset Setting at around 150 Psi - Temp 210 F.

Here is a picture of a Potentially dangerous water heater I am getting ready to replace.

The valve on the side of the heater is the TPR valve. When the valve blows off it pushes a pin out of the valve which allows it to open. This valve is wedged tight against the clothes washer and would be hindered from opening properly! This particular heater also has a malfunctioning thermostat which thankfully threw the breaker.
Yes you maybe able to hire an unlicensed contractor and save some money, but should you?
Remember in Florida one MUST be a licensed contractor to preform Plumbing, Electrical, Air conditioning and most other professional trades.


  1. If I would have a problem on my plumbings I would definitely go for a licensed plumber because they are trained extensively and before they get their licensed they have to pass an exam to be able to attain their licensed.

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  2. I totally agree, one must always hire an experienced hot water installer so as to avoid any inconvenience.

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