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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why are Plumbers so expensive?

I know it seams expensive to hire a professional Plumber. Believe me when I tell you the number on the bill is far different from what the Plumber puts into his pocket. I have heard many times that Plumbers are rich and they make a lot of money. It is a good living but we are not getting rich. Here are some of the things that make Plumbing expensive.

1- Licensing ( State and every local municipality in which you do business. )
2- Insurance ( Liability, commercial vehicle, Workman's comp, etc.)
3- Taxes       ( Federal, State, Payroll, etc.)
4- Fuel          ( We come to you loaded with hundreds of pounds of material.)
5- Advertising ( How you found us, very expensive)
6- Location    ( commercial property, electric, internet, phone system, water etc.)
7-There are plenty more.

I have heard of company cost of $100 to put a truck and plumber on a job, so if they are charging $100 they effectively made no money. We are a small company and it cost at least $60 to put a plumber and truck on your job, so I do not believe $100 is to big of a stretch.

I only put these words here to inform, Plumbers do make a good living, However
You have to ask yourself the following question, How much would they have to pay me to leave my family at a restaurant at 7pm, get into your truck drive for up to an hour to work on someone else's backed up toilet?

Try not to be too hard on your Plumber, yes he makes a good living but would you really want his job?


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