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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever think about resealing your bath tub or shower, You should.

The sad truth is that we live busy lives and rarely think about our wet areas until there is a problem.

Your tub or shower whether tile, acrylic, composite or other material should be resealed in our opinion every 6 months. It does not take a very big opening to allow a lot of water to travel behind your water "resistant" surface and get to the wallboard and wooden components behind them. Many times this happens for years without notice due to the fact that it is hidden behind tile. This long term moisture can cause rot, mold, can lead to pests in the home and many other problems.

Where ever your water "Resistant" surface has a joint or penetration maybe suspect. I.e. Grout lines, joints between acrylic parts even towel bars or the valve plate itself. One of my customers had a one piece Fiber Glass shower unit; the towel bar was built in and sealed with silicone. The silicone gave way on one side of the bar and while the shower was running about a half-gallon of water a minute was running and pooling under the unit, causing all sorts of colorful fungi. Eventually the water made it out past the shower and ran under the wood flooring along the base board and destroyed two bedrooms worth of wood floor.

Again reseal your tubs and showers, they will last much longer.

Thanks for reading our blog. Bill H.P.S.


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