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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to turn off the water to your home. Good to know in an emergency.

 Most people never think about their water system until there is a problem. It is good to know how to turn off your water system in case of an emergency.

 Many times we get calls from panic stricken customers who's homes are flooding and they cant make it stop.

 For most residential water systems in Florida.

1- Locate the incoming shut off valve where the water enters the home.

 These valves (in most cases) would be located outside of the home above or below ground or inside the garage on a loop. If you are unable to locate your valve a Licensed Plumber would be able to locate it for you.

2. Water meter shut off valve or corporation stop. In most cases the only the water department or a licensed Plumber are supposed to operate, check with your local utility department.

Most homes in our area do not have the homeowner shut off by the meter because it is not required by Florida building code Plumbing.

 Locating and verifying that these valves are functional can save you time and money down the road. 

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