Recent work

Recent work
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why it can be dangerous to let a "Handyman" work on your home.

Handyman R/O system install leaks creating mold behind kitchen cabinet.

Push fitting leak inside wall causing this.

Mold behind a closet organizer.
Deck mount Roman tub faucet rough, improperly installed using PVC FIP fittings leaking under a enclosed tub deck.
No trap on sink allowing sewer gas and sewer vermin into home 24/7.

30 amp breaker 12 gauge wire on a 4500 watt water heater. (FIRE HAZARD)
These are just a few things we have had time to photograph over the last few months.
The level of expertise required in Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning, Building, and many other skilled trades must be handled by professionals that are trained and licensed in their trade to keep the customer safe.
Please hire your local licensed tradesmen and tradeswomen. Yes they cost more, it is worth the cost.



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