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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The truth about handymen.

 In the state of Florida there is no such thing as a handyman license! If someone tells you he is a licensed handyman beware. If he tells you he can paint, drywall, do electrical, plumbing or anything else that a so called handyman does there is no one license that covers all of these.

 However there are companies who call them selves a handyman company who are Certified Building Contractors (CBC) Certified Residential Contractors (CRC) or Certified General Contractors (CGC) who are qualified to do most non plumbing, non electrical, or non air conditioning work.

 Most people who call them selves licensed handy people have what's known as an occupational license or maintenance license which allows them to do things such as landscape, pressure washing, cleaning etc.

 Unlicensed Contractors are breaking the law! If they are willing to break the law do you want them working for you?

 State Licensed Contractors who are operating properly are, F.B.I. background checked, Insured, Bonded where required, and have Workman's comp insurance to protect you from being sued if an employee is injured on your property!

 Look below for the link that says Unlicensed Contractors for a good list of reasons not to hire unlicensed People..

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